painting with fingermax

Painting with the Fingermax supports the creative potential of children. It gives them a positive painting experience and a result they can be proud of.

With its spiral shape, Fingermax transforms fingers of children and adults into an exciting  paint brush!

Fingermax is an "instrument" which exercises the motorik skills of children in a playful way.
It also supports kids writing skills, which are increasingly endangered by digitization.

"Thanks to Fingermax, children gain control over finger movements which are normally not practiced"

Maria de los Angeles Carrero Garcia, Educationalist

On your fingers ready, steady, go!

working with the artist line

Our Artist Line is the "professional" version of the Fingermax. The fine synthetic hair tip made of Taklon, enables to work very precise and detailed.
Below you can see some working samples that were created with Fingermax brushes and the Artist Line.

Fingermax painting template